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2024 Merlot Wine Grapes – San Francisco Bay – Livermore Valley

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2024 Merlot Wine Grapes – San Francisco Bay – Livermore Valley


Orders ship from September through November during harvest. 

Experience the refined and sophisticated flavors of Merlot wine grapes from Livermore Valley AVA in San Francisco Bay, one of the most coveted grape varietals in the world. Grown in the prestigious Ruby Hill wine region, these grapes are known for their exceptional quality and smooth taste.

Originally planted in 1883 by John Crellin, this 36-acre vineyard is now owned by the Misson Family since 2015. It is planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese, Sauvignon Blanc, Petite Syrah, and Pinot Noir.

These Merlot grapes are harvested in 2023 and farmed conventionally to ensure the finest quality of grapes. Savor the flavors of one of the most exquisite wine regions in the world, the Livermore Valley AVA.

Orders are shipped directly to your doorstep between September through November during the harvest season. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to taste the finest Merlot grapes from Livermore Valley AVA.

Elevate your wine-making game with the finest Merlot wine grapes from the heart of the Livermore Valley. Experience the smooth and sophisticated taste of Merlot grapes and create exceptional wines that you will love. Don’t wait, order now and make your wine-making dreams come true.

  • Vineyard located at 2001 Ruby Hill Blvd, Pleasanton, CA 94566
  • AVA: Livermore Valley California (San Francisco Bay)
  • Farmed: Conventional
  • Harvest Timeframe: September through November

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Our Livermore grapes are sourced in the San Francisco Bay appellation, approximately 30 miles east of San Francisco, California. Both the Livermore Valley and San Francisco Bay appellations are within the larger Central Coast appellation (AVA).


Our Livermore grapes are sourced from the Ruby Hill Region within the Livermore Valley and are one of the original U.S. appellations granted by the BATF in October 1982. This vineyard is located in Livermore, California in the Livermore Valley. The historic Livermore Valley is one of California’s most prestigious wine grape-growing regions. The combination of elevation, temperatures, soil drainage is extremely ideal for vineyards to flourish and produce high-quality grapes.


The Livermore Valley has an east-west orientation, making it unique among northern California winegrowing regions. The vineyards we pick from are planted in a north-to-south orientation and surrounded by coastal range mountains and foothills.


This particular vineyard located outside within 5 miles of Ruby Hill and across from a water preserve experiences a slightly cooler effect at night which promotes a later harvest and longer hang time on the vine. This, in turn, allows for increased absorption of nutrients and the flavors, in turn, are phenomenal. The climate of this growing region has been compared to Calistoga and St. Helena in the Northern Napa Valley.


Our vineyard soil consists of Pleasanton gravelly loam, 0-3% (PgA) Yolo loam, calcareous substratum, 0-6% slopes, MLRA 14 (YmA). These are characterized as excellent soils with excellent drainage, and are universally categorized as “Prime Farmland”.

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