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Additive Ingredients Pack for Frozen Grape Must Fruit (Reds)


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Additive Ingredient Pack for Frozen Grape Must Fruit (Reds)

We want you to pick the best yeast that suites your needs. However, in order to help you get going, we offer this ingredient kit to use with our 5-gallon must pails.

Additive Pack includes:

  • (1) Packet – Fermaid-O – 8 Grams – Nutrients during fermentation
  • (1) Packet – FT Rouge Tannin – 10 Grams – Structured, enological tannin to increase structure and mouthfeel, color stabilization, stability, anti-oxidative qualities, and overall complexity
  • (1) Packet – Go Ferm Protect – 10 Grams – Yeast nutrients during yeast rehydration
  • (1) Packet – Opti-Red – 8 Grams – Promotes improvements in body, color stability, and mouthfeel

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Red wine grape must

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